Noni Seed Oil


The only noni seed oil available anywhere in the
world. Delivers intense moisture and relief to dry, irritated skin.

noni seed oil

Features and Benefits:
Noni Seed Oil moisturizes sensitive skin areas and seals moisture in the skin.
A single drop of Noni Seed Oil delivers the wonderful moisturizing properties of the noni fruit exactly where you want it, providing a protective barrier against moisture loss.
The Noni Seed Oil absorbs easily into the skin because of its low viscosity, relieving dry skin the way nature intended.
Noni Seed Oil is the purest form of noni seed oil available anywhere.
It takes us over 50,000 seeds to make just one ounce of Noni Seed Oil.

We Suggest:
Gently applying Noni Seed Oil onto dry spots, fine lines, and problem areas, working thousands of years of unlocked beauty secrets in each stroke.
Using the Seed Oil regularly to sooth dry and irritated skin, and to minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
Applying it liberally to dry patches of skin (elbows, heels, or knees) or massaging directly on your scalp.

Traditional Uses:
Traditionally, noni seeds have been consumed for their healthy properties. Past records indicate the seeds were roasted and eaten for their unique flavor. The seeds could also be split open and used to soothe irritated skin. Now, Morinda has a patented process to extract the essential oil from the seeds of the noni fruit to bring you the amazing benefits of this valuable oil.

Modern Research:
Years of exhaustive research and many different techniques were performed before the precious oil was extracted from the seed of the noni fruit. Because of this intricate process, extracting noni oil any other way and by anyone else is practically impossible.
Research has shown that linoleic acid, an essential fatty acid, is a powerful ally in skin hydration and health. The seeds of the noni fruit are especially rich in linoleic acid, which is absorbed easily through the skin.
We extract natures own therapy, unlocking the mystery hidden in the core of every noni seed, to bring you the amazing benefits of this valuable oil.

Label Information:
Bottle Volume: .20 fl. Oz
Country: U.S.

Exclusive Noni Seed Oil
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Apply regularly to sooth and restore dry, damaged skin.

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