Features and Benefits:
® Leaf Serum is a world-exclusive, proprietary product that rejuvenates the skin, speeds its recovery, and keeps it looking healthy.
Leaf Serum can be used to overcome adverse environmental conditions, such as sun and wind by providing soothing relief to irritated skin.
Leaf Serum is essential to any skin-care regimen because of its healing properties and diverse applications.
Tahitian Noni International spent over a million dollars in research, new technology, and equipment to develop this product. Great efforts were taken to extract the most juices out of the noni leaf to bring you a one of a kind serum.
Our manufacturing process is unique and proprietary.

We Suggest:
Gently rubbing TAHITIAN NONI
® Leaf Serum on your skin to feel the cooling, healing effects of the gentle, westerly breeze of the island of Moorea.

Traditional Uses:
Folklore of the ancient inhabitants of French Polynesia recounts the healthful properties of the noni leaf. Noni leaves were often used externally to soothe and revitalize the skin. The raw application of the healing noni leaf is now available in our practical TAHITIAN NONI® Noni Leaf Serum.

Modern Research:
Research has shown that the noni leaf has regenerative properties for the skin.
Our lab worked tirelessly for over a year to create of this first-ever noni leaf serum product.
Leaf Serum has a strong fragrance to mask the powerful smell of the noni leaf, indicating just how much noni leaf juice comes in every tube of Leaf Serum.
Scrupulous research and great care went in to creating just the right formulation to help support and enhance the delivery of this valuable noni leaf essence.
Leaf Serum contains a vital combination of noni leaf juice and noni leaf extract to increase the effectiveness of this miraculous product.

Label Information:
Container Size: 30 ml
Country: U.S.

Purified Water
Noni (Noni) Leaf Juice
Pentylene Glycol
Vanilla tahitensis (Tahitian Vanilla) Fruit Extract
Propylene Glycol
Potassium Hydroxide
Noni (Noni) Leaf Extract
Sodium Dehydroacetate
Disodium EDTA

Apply topically as needed on abrasions, rashes and skin irritations.

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