United States Independent Product Consultants


David Fletcher
Ragland, AL
Ph: toll free: 1-866-777-7612
Email: nonijuice22@yahoo.com
Website: Join A Winning Team



Nancie Fleming
Alternative Health Consultant
Bradenton, FL
Ph: 941-755-5948
Email: islandgal8@aol.com
Website: https://morinda.com/6273/en-us/home



Major H. Clay, Jr.
Phone: 615-578-2351
email: clay@csdnoftn.org
Website: https://morinda.com/3782309/en-us/home


Margaret Spaulding
Phone: 802-885-5006
email: prettyfeet@tahitiannoni.com

Your name can be listed here, if you are in my downline of Independent Product Consultants.

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